Hi there!
I'm Trissta.
Designer. Gardener. Penny Pincher.
Lover of all things DIY-able.
I strive to live a fabulous life by simple means.

I'm a recent Master of Landscape Architecture graduate, living on a tighter-than-skinny-jeans budget, which doesn't leave a lot of room for extras in my life. To make up for what I can't afford, I find other ways to achieve the same thing, but for much much less. Do it yourself projects, thrifting, alterations, and turning trash into treasure.

This blog has developed to embrace the different aspects of my life. I document my adventures of living on the....
-Cheap: I was taught from a young age the value of living a thrifty life through second hand shopping, do it yourself projects, and saving up for special items that will last for long periods of time. Creating beautiful things from simple means is one of my beliefs in living a full life.
-Edge: Taking time out of the rat race of life is extremely important to me. I enjoy exploring, traveling, living on the edge of a consumerist society through small means and spending. Road trips with friends and family, hiking and photographing natural settings, enjoying the simplicity of a life in touch with nature is a priority in my life.
-Land: Homesteading, growing your own food, and learning to create beautiful food have developed from my love of the land and being involved with agricultural education from a young age. I developed a historical study of homesteading in the United States for my Master's Project and am currently learning homestead practices through personal application. I find that the closer you are to your food, the more you begin to appreciate the health and happiness it provides for you. 
-Chic: Taking all these things and combining them together into a beautiful and full life. To be chic is not just to look pretty, it's about layering meaning, love, style, and thoughtfulness into a lovely life that is beyond measure.