Hi there!
I'm Trissta.
Designer. Gardener. Penny Pincher.
Lover of all things DIY-able.
I live a fabulous life by simple means.

I'm a Graduate student, living on a tighter-than-skinny -jeans budget, which doesn't leave a lot of room for extras in my life. To make up for what I can't afford, I find other ways to achieve the same thing, but for much much less. Do it yourself projects, thrifting, alterations, and turning trash into treasure.

I believe in the value of design, and that design can make you successful or break you. I enjoy graphic design, interior design, fashion design, and am currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture. You'll often find me lost in the pages of Elle Decor or Glamour Magazine, watching Project Runway, or catching up on the latest episode of Grimm or Bones.

This blog was started as a creative outlet for things I didn't understand or ideas that popped into my head. As an Undergrad, I didn't know what my 'design aesthetic' was or even how to communicate what my style was. This became a way for me to explore and develop those ideas.

The name Living on the Chic, came from the basis that I loved living cheaply, yet still staying chic. Over time it's also become to involve a bit of edge and adventure as well. Studs and sneakers, skulls and modernism, graphics and photography... these things have helped me morph into a better me.

Much love,