New Inspirations

New moons, new thoughts, new scenes. I feel like I've grown a lot over the last year or so, with new loves and ideas and passions to follow. I woke up to a text from a dear friend this morning telling me how amazing he's doing in New York, and I couldn't help but be a little jealous. I'm at a stalled point in my life that makes me anxious and nervous for the next step to happen. People say it will happen when it's meant to, but it's so hard to be patient and wait. 

Until then, I'm loving on these beautiful scenes and things.
A restored 200 year old rectory in the English Countryside. I could just imagine scenes from a Jane Austen novel unfolding through those wild, overflowing beds. I adore the contrast of the formal garden with the undulating hills behind.

So dreamy. To continue on with a country theme, I take you to my renewed love of taxidermy and skull collecting. Seen here from an old Matchbook Mag shoot, the overabundance of the collection could just scream out backwoods hillbilly... but somehow it doesn't. I'm fascinated by seeing how these animals work (albeit trophy hunting is not my idea of how to accrue such a collection), as many of them I'd never be able to approach in the wild. I'm fascinated with the beauty they portray, even after their life has ended.  

source via Matchbook Mag

Of course, my equestrian love could never die out, but it's taken an overwhelming hold on me. I love and adore the horses that I ride, but seeing the beauty and charm of them... it just kills me not to be around them every chance I can get. 

Beautiful illustrations of mystical and erethral beings, like this snake charmer by Henry Justice Ford, are catching my eye and giving me dreams of filling my walls with them. 

Dreams of becoming a mermaid and just swimming away always flow through my dreams, but lately that feeling has been in full force. At times, I want to just run away and disappear into mystical lands and waters. Sometimes reality just wants to shove you a new one, and I'm not good at taking it.

 Easy, bohemian textures and gorgeous warm colors have been comforting. Bringing in warmth and sunshine that can be hard to project on your own. This scene from Instagrammer Ramblin Starr brings out just enough texture, warmth, and comfort that can easily be missing from styled homes. I enjoy the messy-ness of the bohemian/hippy trend. 

source via Ramblin Starr
And, of course, the need to travel never seems to wane. I'm dreaming of castles and landscapes shrouded with mystical stories and history. Faeries and other realm beings seem to bring out the romantic in me, and I just can't help but want to enjoy that feeling. 

Recently, I've had classic country hits on replay. Dolly Parton may just be my favorite person in this moment. How can you not see the beauty and passion in this lady?
Even in age and (a lot) changes in her physical appearance, the lady is a true icon. 

With all these new ideas and loves, I feel the need to really refocus, clean house, and rejuvenate. Part of me wants to hold onto all of the old things I've known and loved, but part of me just wants to dump it and run. Learning, loving, growing... being more of a soulful person, rather than just a shell. Time to fill 'er up!


Jane Droll said...

girl, i love all of the thoughts, the words, and the images in this post. and i can relate to ALL of it.

it is hard to be patient and to endure and to be content in life. sometimes i can, but many times i can't. i suppose it is good to see life as an adventure.

i had a rather terrifying medical prob to contend with recently and was waiting for test results to come in today. all i could think was that it was like christmas, except it WASN'T -- like waiting to open a package and you are scared to see what is inside. BLEH! thankfully things turned out ok, so i feel like i might just live another year. lol. maybe -- if i don't screw things up! lol.

i am being dramatic and i am babbling, and i hope you are ok, and that you get some answers on next steps soon.

wish we lived near each other -- we could hang out and figure out life together, either feeding our anxieties, or tampering them.

endy smith said...

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