Create Your Own Graphic Tee, Round 3!

Yeah, you read it, round 3! And this one is a total knockout. 

This time around, Bri (@meyouandaweiner) is knocking it out of the park with her rendition of a graphic tee. Seriously, this lady has some mad mad style. 
Y'all need to get on and follower her on the Instagrams. She has some of the best shots (SAD VADER!) and inspiration floating around.

Here was some of her inspiration for her t-shirt design...

and, drum roll, please....

The Pièce de résistance! (it's a bad sign I had to google how to spell that...)

Personally, I adore this. If I could do a million graphic tee designs, this would be at the top! 
I definitely love the Magnolia background (my favorite tree flower!) with the overlay of the quote over the top.

What do you think?? 

Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway going on!

Print Keg Giveaway
Célfie / Graphic tee

To enter, leave a comment on any of the posts in this series and let me know what YOU would put on your own custom graphic tee! 

For bonus entries (must leave an additional comment on one of the graphic design series post):
1) Follow @trisstal on instagram
2) Follow @couturezoon on instagram
3) Follow @meyouandaweiner on instagram
4) Follow @printkeg on instagram

Giveaway will end on WEDNESDAY March 19th!


Kristie said...

I like the shape of the first link combined with the image/s I made in the second link.

Kristie said...

Also, I follow you on IG. :)

Jane Droll said...

well these are pretty fabulous!!!! much better than anything i could come up with!!!

Carol said...

I love the sweater with the roses. The adidas sign looks a little funky though. I'm a writer so I'd probably put a quote from Shakespeare - something that fits with the roses.

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