Create Your Own Graphic Tee: Round 1

I'm obsessed with graphic tees lately. Partially because I've been beyond stressed working on my master's project and have no motivation to get dressed, but more so because of the edge and ease that are associated with the trend. I mean, how could you not be comfortable in such a relaxed piece? I mean, look at these babies...

Graphic Tees

Forever 21 graphic tee / Topshop white shirt / Balmain black shirt / Topshop t shirt / Alexander McQueen Stained Glass Skull Print T-Shirt / Junk Food 'Animal' Graphic T-Shirt (Toddler Boys) Black 2T / Célfie / Sweater / Rituals bird t shirt / THE GODFATHER. LEHAPPY / modeholic / B.O.D CC Ye Snakes Hoodie

Yeah, I thought so. These are just some of my favorite (I actually caved and bought the snake print Chanel logo hoodie this week, eeeeek!) Graphic tees are great because you can dress them up, as you can see in the bottom picture there, or you can dress them down, like the top picture (doesn't that girl look so badass?) and they work for you. It doesn't help that they help my ample bosom get some extra undivided attention from a certain male audience either... 

Here's my thing though, I have a great love for graphic tees, and have tons of ideas for some great tees on my list. I mean, come on, who doesn't? 
Well, thanks to PrintKeg, now can I check one of them off my list. 
PrintKeg is teaming up with Living on the Chic and two of my favorite ex-blogger/Instagram queens Kecia (@couturezoo) and Bri (@meyouandaweiner) to bring you a series of posts on creating your own custom designed graphic tee!
Forever 21 graphic t shirt / Forever 21 crop top / Forever 21 graphic tee / Junk Food 'Animal' Graphic T-Shirt (Toddler Boys) Black 2T
I set out to make my own perfect tee with some of my own pictures I've taken over the years. 
I've always been a big fan of the Givenchy Rottweiler tee, so I went for a similar visual.

Along with this one from Etsy

via the Sell Out Design
So, here's what I came up with...
I had taken a trip to the zoo one year with a friend and managed to get an amazing shot of a tiger yawning. Yes, YAWNING! I mirrored it and placed it about 3 inches down from the collar of the shirt and then... voila! Another amazing shirt, right??

Photo and Design belong to Trissta Lyman, please don't copy without proper consent.

I know, I know. I'm just that good. (Funny thing is that Kecia and I were on the same wavelength on this one! Call it karma, I call it DUH)

So, if you liked my design, you can no take a stab at it yourself!
PrintKeg has graciously offered a free DIY graphic tee shirt kit for one (1) individual.

Print Keg Giveaway

To enter, leave a comment on any of the posts in this series and let me know what YOU would put on your own custom graphic tee! 

For bonus entries (must leave an additional comment on one of the graphic design series post):
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Jane Droll said...

of course i love the FELINE! gorgeous!

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