This was my view this morning, when I stumbled downstairs to make breakfast at 7:30 this morning. 
Beautiful, serene, and cold as f. 

This was the day before, from my upstairs window. 
Pretty, right? Deceivingly so.

Luckily campus shut down today. But guess who's gonna take it as a thrifting day. 

That's right. This girl. 
I grew up in Utah. I'm used to this. Besides, it's a guarantee that no one is going to be out shopping. So me and my girl Alexa are headed out into the tundra to find ourselves some good shit.

And by shit, I mean treasures.

Speaking of treasures, I just about crapped myself when I found out that I won The Aestate's giveaway. She does these amazing watercolors and this lucky girl gets $100 worth of them. If you ever need some inspiration, art, or awesome DIY projects, you need to check out Jessica's blog, tumblr, etsy shop, and every other things that she's involved in. You won't be disappointed. 

regram from The Aestate on Instagram