What Once was Old is New Again

One major housing trend that I'm loving lately is the reuse of abandoned buildings and vacant warehouses. The idea of reusing and re-imagining spaces really gets me going. One of my favorite parks in the world is Landschaft Park in Duisburg, which was created from an old industrial site, and believe me if I could choose anywhere to live, it would probably be a space just like the ones to follow. 
I mean, come on, how could you resist the character of these places? The charm. The adventures. I love to imaging Grace Kelley dancing through the foyer or Rosie the Riveter hard a work in these places. They embody a history that I find intriguing.

This Victorian Brownstone for instance. Although it was probably intended to be a living space, the story still lives through the character. The wood trim around the openings, the hardwood floors, and the mixture of modern, yet quirky furnishings really tells a story that I'm all ready to listen to.
Renovated Victorian Brownstone

Doesn't remind you of Carrie's flat in Sex and the City? So cosmopolitan.

Or- this renovated school building in Toronto, found through Comfree
The architecture speaks of the school of my childhood. Magnificent and towering. And look at all those windows!
Comfree Toronto
It totally reminds me of the loft on New Girl. What do you think? Could Toronto be the next LA? 

Exposed brick, large windows, and the industrial charm all add up to a great loft. 
I think I could definitely enjoy some time there. Imagine all the vintage Jessica Day treasures that you could pile up in there!

Then, one of my absolute favorites, a rustic renovated farmhouse in Italia found on Architectural Digest
Girls and Guys, you'd better pick up your tongues, cause they're about the fall out of your mouths.

Rustic Farmhouse in Italy


Rustic Charm, the history of a million Italians piling up in my head. Maybe a vineyard or olive orchard surrounding the house and Caesar coming to sleep in the spare bedroom. I can see it all right now. Happening. As. We. Speak.

I've died and gone to heaven, right? I'll stay there one day. It'll be glorious.

And finally, another goodie, the Urban Outfitters Headquarters, found in a renovated shipyard. That's right, the whole shipyard. It's amazing.

Urban Outfitters Headquarters
My favorite section is the FreePeople offices.

I'd definitely dig working there. Although, I don't know how much work I'd really get done. I might just wander like a gypsy with a coffee mug in my hand all day.

And finally, something on my bucket list, a renovated barn.
Albeit a bit too modern and not enough rustic on the interior as I would like, it's absolutely gorgeous on the outside. 
Renovated Barn
And the one non-boring interior shot that I could handle.

Rustic Modern, folks. Although, definitely needs more rustic.

Though parts of me often worry about ghosts and goblins in these history-rich places, I wouldn't pass them up for anything. Put it on my list. Need to live there. 

Or better yet, who wants to move to Buffalo and start an Urban Homestead with me?

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Jane Droll said...


this will sound kooky, but i drive past this old boarded up gas station every day that i drive to work. it has a chain link fence around it, and it has seen better days. every time i see it, i think I COULD MAKE THAT PLACE MY HOME. i don't even care that the outside looks ratty. i would make the inside look great and i like the idea of living in a non-traditional space -- one where people wouldn't even KNOW it was occupied, and they would not want to knock on your door and BUG YOU. clearly i have hermit/hiding tendencies!