Top 5: Favorite Brands

 I'm taking a branding class this term and it's been totally badass. I've been terribly behind on my assignments, but hey. Welcome to college.

One recent assignment reminded me about my top 5 lists. You know how I roll by now... I make a commitment to the blog and then it falls off the face of the earth, but this time. This time I'm playing supergirl and I'm gonna rock those top 5 lists! So here is a list of my top five favorite brands. Not necessarily because of the stuff they sell, but because of their overall branding, graphics, image, etc. 
I think they're pretty rad.

To summarize their styles, I would use the keywords: badass, americana, rustic modern, masculine, bohemian, etc. Am I on the right path? I'm thinking, because I'm a little OCD and am looking to procrastinate on my master's project, that LotC might be getting a new look.... hmmmmmm.