Thrifting Decor and One Kings Lane Home Decor Resource Guide

Have you seen One Kings Lane's new Home Decor Resource Guide?

Not only do they have amazing things on sale, they now have as section of their website completely dedicated to being a resource for home decor. If you haven't checked it out, you should.

This last week, I found this nugget of a chair at St. Vinnies for $17. It was half off and gorgeous.

After using OKL's resource guide, I determined this beauty was 20th century mission style-ish. Using their style guide, I determined that a) it was a statement chair. DUH. b) that it had to be used in an amazing fashion clash. (Read OKL's statement chair guide, you'll understand.) To me, with that killer print, it was screaming bohemian love lounge. Simple, with lots of patterns and rich colors and woooooood. Who doesn't love a good wood grain overload??

Bohemian Modern

Seriously, though. Don't you just love that chair? Sadly, it joined the Thrift Store Finds that Got Away. If only I had a big girl house with big girl space. Then, I'd be living the life, right? 


Jane Droll said...

um, THANKS FOR THE TIP!!!! you know what my next internet stop will be!!!!