The Graphic Tee

My favorite thing as of late: the vintage tee. Seriously. I have been on a huge kick, especially when thrift shopping. I found these ones last week.

And it's only the beginning. I'm a graphic tee whore. 
I'm referring to this year as the year of the band tee shirt. And probably any other tee shirt. Cause I'm lazy and they're comfortable, while making a statement at the same time.

Then I found this one through Fashion Serial Killer on instagram.
She's got a bad ass feed.

fashion serial killer
Which she got from Bad Seed Vintage on Etsy.

Born a Bad Seed Vintage
And I love it. I want it now.
Which then made me think of all the other graphic tees that I've been lusting after. Some are hilarious. Which is totally me. I love the snarky ones.


Guac is Extra

Guns and Roses


recycled consign and  design

recycled consign and design


Rolling Stones
And blogger is being a B right now, so pictures are tiny. I hate it. 

But these shirts are bad ass, no? I'm alllll over it now. 
Statement + Cozy = Trissta's ish.


Jane Droll said...

well these are hilarious! i don't wear tees that often as they aren't always flattering on me. yes, i am a weirdo!

a few years back a young fashion blogger was wearing a thrifted slayter tee (or was it metallica?) she admitted she had never listened to their music, which i thought was a CRIME! false advertising! lol