Obsessed: Organic Model Kits

I am a serious nerd. Not for lack of trying, but I have to admit, that every time something amazingly cool comes up (my definition of cool may be a slight skewed...) I get a little excited. 
Like pee my pants a little excited. 
And believe me, this is pee my pants a little excited moment right now. 
And I'm not referring to Budweiser's Puppy commercial either. Although, that is pretty stinking adorable too.
I'm talking about Organic Chemistry Model Kits. 
Nerd City, right?
I think they're amazing. And look super legit as a styling piece.

Claudia of Peep my Style shows how it's done right.

Peep My Style
F-ing awesome, right? And now, I'm obsessed. 
How amazing would these models look in the right space?



And there's just so many options that I am beyond the fat kid with a piece of cake. I'm a nerd with an organic model kit.
 Just a little fascination, right?


Jane Droll said...

soooooo, you might be a bigger nerd than me. ahahhahahah!!!! just kidding!!!!!!!!! these are pretty cool.

my place is being repainted, little by little. i am so excited/nervous/anxious/thrilled, that i can hardly sleep at night. i am eager for each room to be done so that i can get to redecorating. ON A BUDGET. a few new things and lots of old things too.

so who's the bigger nerd now?! lol

Michelle Trenholm said...

These things are so brilliant! I have a set of these at home and another one in the office. I play with it whenever I get bored. Haha!