New Years = New Ideas

Holy Snarkballs. The Holidays stress me out. Seriously. My inner grandma comes out, though, and I get super excited about them and then... boom! They're over, like a one night stand and I feel like this:


And now it's a new year. A new perspective. And time to get my ass in gear. 

Don't ask me what my new year goals are, because, honestly... I don't really know. 
I just wanna do me. 
So, I'm going to take a personal branding class (which I'm pretty psyched for) and develop LotC further. You know, maybe actually become legit and plan stuff out.

And maybe even try my hand at writing a book (aka, my master's project... talk about nerdy).

But mostly. I'm gonna follow that dream. You know, the one around the river bend (yep. total Pocahontas reference.)


Do what you love... Which, for me, mainly consists of... well, everything really. But let me make a list anyways, because I'm good at that ish.

1- Thrifting 2- Gardening 3- Country/Modern fushion ish 4- Fashion, Interiors, Landscape, DESIGN 
5-Rustic-Vintage-Things with History 6- Dreamy things 7-FOOD. Yummy food. 
8-Tiny Houses/Homesteads 9- Travel. Anywhere 10- Flannel

Oh and I guess maybe you could include some man candy in there. 
Cause that's how I roll. 
If you don't believe me, check out my Pinterests. (Which, btw, I hit 2k followers. Holy Snarkballs.)

What are your New Ideas for 2014? Inspire me.