Seasonal Shopping and Things I Want

Some fun things are going on in my life this week... I'm finishing up my proposal for my graduate project. Dealing with finals (yay... psych). Procrastinating. Big time. And doing some Holiday shopping. Oh yeah, and also dealing with a butt load of snow. Not usually a big deal to me, but Eastern Oregon has this theory that when it snows, there are no plows on the farkin' roads!!) !@)(*$#(%*&$! Crazy stupid. 

Anywho, here are some of the things that I've been shopping for lately.

New Gym Shoes. 

Ended up buying these babies: 

And I totally love them already. Seriously. They're amazing.

I did a little dream shopping on Net-a-Porter (they're having a sale) and then put this together on Polyvore with a couple of my loves.

Minimal TomBoy

Somehow along the way, I discovered pictures of Victoria Beckham's Wedding. Total 90's. HA!

Still dreaming of some Frye boots, I especially love these Jenna Braid Stud Tall ones:

Oh, and of course, there's always Etsy. It's a problem, though for me. Sucks me in, big time, so I won't go into those finds.

What do you have on your Holiday shopping list? 
What goodies have you found amazing deals on? SPILL!