Chic Tip from Kecia of Couture Zoo, Round 2

You guys know I always get excited about having guest bloggers on Living on the Chic. Well, today is no exception! I was SO EXCITED (like a puppy with a new bone) to get an email from my good pal Kecia this morning. She and I have become good pals, through her old blog and now through everything else, and I've always admired her amazing style. I asked her a bit ago if she'd like to share some of her amazing finds (because they are super amazing!) on here and she agreed, once again! She's shared some other amazing finds here, once before, which you can find {here}

Hello Chic-ettes!

I was so flattered when Trissta asked me to guest post on her ever so fabulous blog.  Once upon a time, I was a blogger too.  Although I no longer have my blog, I still have all the friends like Trissta that I made through blogging and that's all that I need...especially when they let me dabble in their blogs from time to time!

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of Maria's favorite things

My favorite things consist of all things flea market foraged and thrift market takings!  Currently, I live in Germany just across the border of France...which means monthly forays into France for flea markets!  

I have long been dying for a vintage Italian ceramic leopard as seen all over the bloggersphere!  While it's not a leopard, it is vintage italian ceramic and it's a cheetah which is darn close enough for me!  I scored this lovely and it's sweet history as well.  I bought it from an older German woman and asked her its story.  She said that her uncle had bought it in Italy when he was a young military man.  He loved it and had it until the day he died.  She kept it for years after that and, when she decided to sell it, I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.  Valued at around $1000, I brought her home for $100.  To me, she's priceless. 

You can't go to flea markets in France and not buy copper cookware!  I dream of having a French inspired kitchen.  This copper pot set is the beginning of my, hopefully, huge copper cookware collection.  Authentically French, they will make many a delish meal, all while looking very stylish.  $60 brought this vintage pot set home.

I found this brass lamp here in Germany for a measly five bones.  In my excitement, however, I forgot to test if it was solid brass or brass-plated so when I began to polish it, I discovered it was brass plated as I had stripped the brass plate off.  Nothing a roll of snakeskin duct tape couldn't fix!  This is what I call a happy accident!  I think I like it better with the snakeskin than if it were all brass.

I was going to focus on the brass hand in this photo, but realized that pretty much the entire vignette has a story.  The brass hand is oh-so-Kelly Wearstler (i.e. fabulous) and was picked up here in Germany for $5.  The mother of pearl box is another German flea market find for $10.  That gold frame that is also so Kelly Wearstler-ish, I picked up for $1 at a flea market in Indiana.  The monkey was $2 from a thrift store in New York, and given the midas touch by me and a can of gold spray paint (spray paint is a flea market maven's best friend).  I should have taken a better photo because, the table it's all sitting on is a Ming style coffee table with arched legs that I picked up here in Germany for a mere $30.  Once I move back stateside, it'll get a fresh coat of paint to perk it right up.

This coffee table is one of my favorite finds.  I was in Goodwill in a small Florida town with my Mom.  There was a pile of old rugs with something underneath.  We each grabbed the rugs and pulled up for a peek underneath.  When this brass and burled wood unveiled itself, our jaws literally dropped and our eyes met.  Honestly, at the time, we weren't yet familiar with Milo Baughman, but we knew this was something grand.  With no idea of how I was going to get it back to my home in New York at the time, I happily paid the $30 price tag.  After some research I learned it was a Milo Baughman and valued around $1000.

This was another epic score.  I was at a flea market in Florida.  The weather was bad and we were getting ready to leave as the flea market was getting ready to close.  I was looking through a box of junk jewelry marked $5 when I pulled this out.  Before I could even reach in my pocket to give them their $5, the vendor, thinking this was fake, offered me $1 for it.  Sold.  This jumbo Chanel brooch is in fact the real deal.

So this beauty currently sits in storage back stateside and I can't wait to get to her when we move back.  I found this Chinoiserie dining set complete with all six chippendale chairs in a thrift store in New York for $200.  I didn't dare risk her getting broken in our move to Germany so she sits in storage with so many of my other treasures waiting for me to get home.  When I do, I'll give her a fresh coat of glossly black paint and she'll be even more grand!

We'll be living here in Europe for about another year and a half before heading back stateside.  I look forward to much more treasure hunting across Europe as well as opening my storage unit when we return stateside.  It'll be like the best Christmas ever seeing all my treasures again!

Aren't they amazing!? 

A huge thanks to Kecia for sharing some of her gorgeous finds, I hope that we keep seeing more of them!


Jane Droll said...

glorious finds!!! the copper pots are MY FAVORITE!!!! i need some!!!

Frances R Dean said...

Wow! You know, I never went into a thrift store until I moved to Florida. There are so many here and you can find some really neat stuff. Good hunting!