Blog Love: Cinnamon Girl

One of my favorite bloggers, as of late, is this lovely lady. Julie, along with her husband and son, live on a sweet farm in Mid Coast Maine. She is an amazing writer (one of the few bloggers who I actually read their posts and not just look at the pictures), and I always look forward to her posts.. but her pictures, also, never let me down. You simply have to visit her blog. It's fantastic and makes me want to run away to the country full time. 

All of these pictures are from Julie's blog, Cinnamon Girl.

Now, who wants to run away to the country with me?

Oh the dreams that I have.... And the reality of what it would be would probably be far from my dreams, but hey, why not? I would love to live a life like this.


Jane Droll said...

OHMYGOD! her pictures are gorgeous! and if she ever needs a housesitter, i'd take that job in an instant! :)