Styling Inspiration: Kelly Wearstler's Vanity

I've been needing some inspiration of how to style my dresser in my bedroom, and I remembered seeing this a while back on the great KW's instagram.
I've always loved her kick-ass style, but in all seriousness, there are some things that I just don't get. This, however, I get. I get real good. 


What's even better is that I found this extra little nugget on her website.

Isn't she the sweetest? I need me some of those goodies!

I really love this one (yes, I took screen shots. yes, I'm a total nerd.) because of the simplicity and cohesiveness of the boxes and bowls themselves. They all work together, but don't overwhelm.

I also love this one, but I doubt that I would ever go that extreme. Ever. That's a bit much for me. But I love how it looks!
New to the thrifting list: storage boxes.


Jane Droll said...

that vanity! daaaaaaaan!

i put my makeup on at my dining room table. lol! it has the best light (which is good for obsessing on wrinkles and plucking random hairs and such). lol. maybe SOMEDAY i will have a real vanity -- perhaps one as awesome as this!