Musings... and Making Progress

I've never been a social person. 

Often times, I've had to force myself to make the effort to make new friends and to be 'likable'. I'm terrible at it really. And don't even get me started on how awkward I can get.  (I KNOW THAT IT'S BADDDDDD, I'm like an awkward little squirrel)

Over the last couple of years, I've really pushed myself in ways that I didn't know I would be able to handle. I moved away from my family and friends, started a new master's program, and have worked on developing my own sense of style and taste. 

I've worked my ass off, to put it mildly. 

I hope that it shows, even just a little bit.

It's quotes like this that really remind me about my goal. Seriously. Who better to inspire than Gandhi?

But this is something I know I need to work on. I need to keep consistent and push myself even further. 

Gain more confidence and shit. 

So, to start early on the new year, I'm putting this out there now. I've had terrible follow through in the past, with goals, but I'm hoping this one will stick.

I want to work on the refining and progressing. 

I, like the nerd I am, went back through my instagram pictures, expecting to find this wonderful, consistent idea of who I am... and I was totally off. Other than pictures of food, nature pictures, and creatures that I love with the occasional interior shot... there wasn't anything there. No linkage behind my pictures. No main idea. Yes, they're my life, but perhaps a good reflection of how much further I have to go with how I create my life and a (potential) business. Where do I want to go and how do I want to do it?

And I'm sure that you totally want to hear more about it, but I think in the end, it's all about making progress. About keeping on, keeping on.

About finding my niche and embracing it. 


Of making progress. 

Are you making new goals for yourself? 
Or do you think that I'm just being loony?


Jane Droll said...

i like to think we are ALL a work in progress, and that we could all stand a little improvement. lol -- hell, i need a LOT of improvement! :)

i have accepted many things about myself, but sometime acceptance = complacency. i need to work harder in some areas -- much harder. i don't think i can change who i am fundamentally, but i can try harder to be better and to be more social. it is a struggle, but where would the fun be if everything was easy. ha. the lazy part of me wishes more things were easy! ;)