Have Yourself A Very Martha Thanksgiving

Well, food season is upon us. I'm pretty excited about it. Although I'm away from home for Thanksgiving, I'm still surrounded by people that I love and appreciate. Mush mush.

Gag. Okay, that was enough of the mushy-ness for me. Now, here's what I'll be working on for Thanksgiving. Straight up Martha-Crazy. 

And if these don't give you a food coma by the end of this post, you didn't do it right. 

Let's start with appetizers and pre-gaming (yes, pre-gaming. that's how we roll in my house)

However, I will be adding BACON to my poppers. Just sayin'. It's not a popper without some bacon attached.

Like I said. This is how we roll. 

Then, on to the mainsies.

Although, I was tempted to do this one: HA! However, for some reason lemon and turkey just don't seem to float my boat. It's hilarious though. HILARIOUS.

I'm down to try something new with the cranberries and this one sounded delish. 
However, these ones could be contenders as well. 
Cranberries are my ish. All day, errrrr day!

Yum. Cornbread. Sausage. Takes me home every time. 


DUh. My mom made this EVERY SINGLE YEAR. And it's always the first thing to go.

Although, I'll be making mine from my grandma's recipe. Which is sacred. And if I told you, I'd have to kill you. 

Again, one of the first things to go. And again, from my other grandma's recipe. Secreeet. 

I've also considered sweet potatoes/squash as well. We'll see. I think this may be enough. But I could be wrong.

And for desert. Because, duh, you're not full enough yet. 

I rock with desserts. Although, they tend to come before the main course for me. 

Ahem. No, I don't have a problem. 
I just love food. 
That's all. 
What are you cooking for turkey day?

You can find more of Martha's recipes on her awesome Everything Thanksgiving section of her website.


Jane Droll said...

i want to have thanksgiving with YOU! what a spread! i like almost everything! lol i just can't get around green beans (i hate all beans because i am a weirdo), coconut OR pumpkin. BUT I WOULD GOBBLE EVERYTHING ELSE UP! NOM NOM

i hope your thanksgiving was fab! mine was. and my jeans are way too tight today!