Top Five: Fashion Designers

A professor asked in class the other day to list our top five in class. And I was like "yo, teacher. what top five do you mean?" Okay, not really, but I really did sound that cool. Just imagine it that way. 

Anywho. The professor said that he wanted us to start keeping track of our top five... everything. Whatever it was that you love and want a future in... you should have a list of your top five within that area. So, here is my initial stab at it. My top five: Fashion Designers/ Houses/ Etc.

Saint Laurent:

Some of my other favorite designers are:
Helmut Lang
Isabel Marant
Rick Owens
Diane Von Furstenburg
Dries van Noten

So, here's my challenge for you. What are your top five? Comment, blog, share!

And rub my face in the awesome-ness that I've yet to discover.


Jane Droll said...

i like all of these!

i am also crazy for michael kors and donna karan. they just make stuff that works for people of all sizes, including those of us that aren't stick thin!