Lovin' Right Now

I'm gonna skip the chit chat today. I've been stressed all week, with school starting back up again this week (last year and I'll have my MASTERSSSSS) and then work starts up again next week. I'm going to be one busy girl. Crazy busy.

Anyways, if you know me, or remember things about me, this should be your number one thing to remember:


Isn't it beautiful? A little rustic modern with some beachy elements... Best part? The indoor/outdoor fusion of the space. I'd build this in a heart beat.

Fashion wise, I'm definitely feeling the TomBoy Chic still. This outfit makes me so very happy.


Plaid sneakers always seal the deal for me. It's like fresh cherry pie al a mode. Get in my mouth.

Also, Domino magazine has made a come back. I've yet to go get my hard copy (or get a subscription, I'm cheap as f*ck, remember?) but I did manage to see this Nate Berkus nugget through Pinterest already. 

The man is a genius. 

As for recent art. I love this piece by Bill Claps


Campbells, it does a body good. Especially in gold leaf. 


L'sJourney said...

I need the Campbell's art in my life... Your comment on it makes it even better.

Jane Droll said...

BOY i wish i was sitting out on that patio right about now!

this week has been awful and stressful and i am WHOOPED. can't wait for the weekend. maybe you feel the same!

and who doesn't love a little gold leaf on their art! ;)