Project Tovey Drive

I've been working with this sweet couple for the last couple months on their new nest, and I'm so excited because I will be getting to design their landscape! Now, it's going to be pretty large (their parcel is 1.25 acres), so things are going to be crazy big, with a lot of detail and yummy-ness.

After an initial consult with the couple, we found that they were definitely more drawn to the country atmosphere and really loved the views surrounding them. There will be a few larger trees on the edges of the property for some buffering and privacy, but mainly it's going to have the essence of a country estate / french country garden meets Pacific Northwest. Here's what I've been imagining.

Some winding walking trails...

Eclectic Landscape by Hopewell Landscape Architects & Designers Groundswell Design Group, LLC

Some vertical change towards the east side of the property (although, not this drastic), with lots of water-wise plants and grasses... Not so many large trees around the house, though.

Rustic Pool by San Francisco Landscape Architects & Designers Arterra LLP Landscape Architects

With a cute little gathering area out front, so they get the awesome views.

With large expanses of country grass and plant borders around the edges.

And color. Lots and lots of color and texture.

And cute little country features. We're going to do a windmill over their well-head. I'm so excited!


Can you imagine it? I can't wait to get to the next stage and start showing you some of the plants and plans!