Musings... From a Garden Nerd

I know I already did a landscape post this week. But I couldn't help myself. I found these images from Water the Roots this morning via Tim Ferris (you know, the 4-hour work week guy) and I have to say that a) I've always been fascinated with the idea of replacing ornamental landscapes with functional landscapes and b) that I want to do this asap for a multitude of people.  

Here's the before:

Here's during:

and here's the current:

This guy took his HUGE front yard and made it all into a garden. And why? It wasn't to save money (even though he did), it wasn't because he wanted all organic produce (which he got), and it wasn't because it looks pretty (even though it does, to me). It was because he wanted to spend time with his children. He wanted to educate them and involve them in something bigger and more important... This, to me, is the greatest thing you could ever do as a parent. Not the garden, but to involve them. 

The reason why I love gardening as much as I do, is because it stemmed from the moments and memories that made me feel like I belonged. Like I wasn't the burden or just some dumb little kid... it was because the garden was the place where I felt like I belonged. My grandma instilled that love in me and it's always stayed there. It's always been my safe place when I had nightmares (I used to have them often when I was little), my therapist when I was (and still have) issues with the world around me and myself, and most of all, the place where I feel most alive. To be able to create such beauty with some love and tender care... that to me is amazing. 

Annnndd blah. Enough of all the mushy stuff, and back to the garden goods. If you haven't seen this TED talk by Ron Finley, you should watch it. Like now.


Jane Droll said...

lawns are a waste of space and resources! gardens are where it's at! this is a rad idea, and i hope more and more people convert their wasted spaces to something more useful and fun!