Lucy Liu, Girl, You so Fine.

I will admit... Last week was the shits. It really sucked, but hey, I'm still breathing, so I'm okay with it. So, I took it into my own hands to not even leave the house all weekend (minus a few hours... I just couldn't do the WHOLE weekend) and instead, commiserate in the sweet, wonderful story of Sherlock Holmes... With a twist. I recently found this new CBS series called Elementary. (It's addictive, FYI)

Starring some hunky Brit (Johnny Lee Miller) and bad-ass Lucy Liu. 

The story lines are intriguing and, of course, always thrilling, and this interpretation of Holmes is probably one of the better ones I've seen, but what really caught my eye was the costume design of Lucy Liu. Seriously, I loved her outfits so much that I started screen shot-ing them. (Yes, this post is going to be long. I'm sorry. Not really, though.)

All of this wonderful work is done in conjunction between Liu and the Costume Designer, Rebecca Hofherr. (Although, don't go to her website, it's barff and she probably should work on that)

Stay tuned for more. I'm already have way through Season 1! If, in the meanwhile, you'd like to see more.. here's the google image search for elementary tv show. You'll like these pictures, I promise.