Hey Lucy, You So Fine, You So Fine You Blow My Mind

Who's up for round 2? 'Cause you're gonna get it, whether you like it or not. 

If you didn't get the first round, let me fill you in. My new favorite show, 'cause I'm a sucker for murder mystery shit, is Elementary. Hell, you should just go back and read this post. Get filled in on the goodness happening here.

And yes, I know. I'm a total fashion geek for this one.

Ahhhh... Yep. I'm a sad case, I know, but I cannot help it. Lucy, will you be my fashion fairy god mother? Pretty Please? With a cherry on top!

I cannot wait for the season premier tomorrow. Who else is watching???


Jane Droll said...

there is SO MUCH great tv right now! i have not seen this show, but maybe i should! i spend so much time watching recorded shows because i just can't keep up with it all!