Chic Tip: Jess Bruton of Mamma Tuppy

Happy Tuesday! It's been a while since I've had one of these, so this Chic Tip is well overdue, but SOOO worth the wait. So, those of you who have been patiently waiting, here's your treat. 

 I'm so excited to share this post today, as I have been a long time fan of this lady. She is one of my fashion icons that I love to follow and see all of the awesome things she's up to. Jess Bruton (you might remember her from this post) is here to share her tips of living Chicly, yet, cheaply. I'm so honored that she agreed to do this and hope that you'll show her lots of love. Seriously. Do it!

Hi Everyone!
My name is Jess Bruton, editor of the fashion blog Mamma Tuppy. Trissta kindly asked me if I would do a guest post on “how to look chic while staying on a budget”. So, here are my top 5 tips…
1) FOLLOW FASHION WEEK - Right now it is fashion week season and one of my favourite things to do is look at all the runway shows to keep an eye on the new trends that will be coming through - this is exactly what all the high street designers/buyers do. I live in New Zealand and we are in our first month of spring. When thinking about what I will be wearing in the coming months I look to the spring 2013 collections for ideas. For example, ruffles will be a huge trend, so I am on the hunt now for some budget friendly options.

2) KEEP AN EYE ON THE HIGH STREET - You can guarantee that you will see the runway trends filtered through to the racks of your favourite high street stores. I love ZARA’s approach to trending. I really feel ZARA follows the trends, without copying them directly, and their clothes are good quality, at a reasonable price point. Some of my other go to high street shops are: TopshopH & Masos,SportsgirlBardotRiver IslandPixie Market and Nasty Gal. I like to subscribe to all their newsletters so I can keep an eye on all their latest arrivals. Here’s an example of how a trend has been translated from the runway to the high street.

3) TAKE A PAGE FROM THE STREETS - Another great way to find outfit inspiration is to browse the street style blogs and identify trends, some of my favourites are: Jak and JilStockholm Street StyleNobody Knows MarcLe 21√®meThe Sartorialist and Candice Lake. If you find it difficult to style outfits for yourself, blogs like these are a great way to get inspired.

4) THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX – Try to think of different ways to style items to get more bang for your buck. For example, I was in love with this Ksubi sweater, but instead of buying it for $280, I bought the muscle tank for $80. I can wear it on its own in summer and layer it with a plain sweater underneath to “get the look” for winter.

5) UPCYCLE & GET THRIFTY – you may have something in your wardrobe that you are tired of, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to throw it out. For example, trashed jeans are huge right now. Try taking a pair of your old jeans and experiment with some cuts and tears around the knees and thighs. You can even bleach or dye them. Check out your local thrift stores (or eBay) for hidden treasures. In amongst the madness you just might find a gem (Trissta is a genius at this). And, the best part about thrifting is, it’s unlikely that you will see anyone else walking around in the same thing! You can also try your hand at some budget friendly DIYs. Some of my favourite DIY fashion blogs are: A Pair and A Spare  Honestly WTF and PS I Made This

You can definitely achieve a high-end look on a budget. Once you discover the trends you love, look for inspiration, explore the high street stores, rediscover your wardrobe and get creative, the sky is the limit!
 Have fun!
 Jess x


Jane Droll said...

these are great tips!!!!

i read the fashion magazines (ok, mostly i just look at the pictures) to see what is on trend. most of it is unaffordable, but it is still fun to look and get ideas.

GlassesShop said...

A big thank you for your blog article.