Unpacking and Decompressing

I decided to take a couple of days off to start unpacking all of my stuff. My roomies moved out on Sunday, so Monday morning, I was on top of it. I was so excited I pushed my queen size mattress (it even has the pillow topper on it) up a flight of stairs by myself (thank you Crossfit!) along with a dresser (I'm a beast, I know). I just couldn't help myself. If you follow me on Instagram (or like Living on the Chic on Facebook) you've seen some of my goodies, but I've been diligent on keeping some things on the down-low until it's all put together. 

Which has been a TON of work. People. How do people do this all the time? Moving and packing and then unpacking is ridiculous! I did not realize I had so much stuff. My poor roommate is probably feeling so overwhelmed, but jeez. Thing are going to look amaaazing when it's all done. 

Which, I will have plenty of time to do that, starting next week. I'm job free until school starts at the end of September. Lucky-duck, I know. Also, a fairly broke lucky duck. Sigh. Which leads me to my next note. I work hard. Really hard, but rarely make a lot of money at any given time. But hey, TJ had something right.


More opportunities keep opening up, so why the hell not?? Go for it and work your ass off, people! Money is not what makes you happy, it's the knowledge and relationships you build with people that make you happy. I'm certainly grateful for all that. 

Mush mush mush.

Much love, Trissta


Jane Droll said...

dang girl you are STRONG! and motivated! moving is SO EXHAUSTING, but it feels pretty awesome when things start coming together!

and lucky you with all that time off!!!!