Health Regimes and Detoxing

First and foremost, I'd like you to meet someone. 

This is my new baby. Sadly, the last one I had has gone to a better place... Where dead little shutters go to play. The poor guy (he was a D10) had lived longer than expected, but was getting pretty dated. So I upgraded to a 30D, which I bought on Ebay for a song. 

If you want my advice when it comes to buying Digital SLR cameras... Here's my trick: Buy the body and the lenses separate on Ebay. I've usually spent $100-$150 on a body, and then invested in good lenses that I'll keep forever. Most camera bodies will have their ups and downs, but I've found that by investing in used models that I can afford to move up the quality ladder with each purchase-- and still stay up to date. 

I cannot wait to put 30D into the works. 

On a different note, THIS stuff is amazing.

Seriously. If you don't drink tea, you should. And if you do drink tea, you need to drink this stuff. With all the stress I've been going through lately, I've had some bodily repercussions and this stuff has been the only thing to give me some relief. Seriously, though. It's amazing. I have been drinking 1-3 cups of this a day (especially in the morning and then cold brewing some through the day) for the last week, and I'm already feeling a difference. I'm pretty sure that I've had a lot of internal swelling for the last couple of years, and this has been the first thing to really make a difference. 
You can find it on the Yogi website.

So, yours truly, is going to go on a lifestyle change. 
I am not just going to eat clean and be non-committal and whatever. I've done that before. It hasn't worked before. So, here's what I am planning on doing to keep on track and stay healthy.

1) Drink Tea
2) For every bad carb or calorie I put into my body, I have to put at least two good ones in. (This way, I feel like I will not only curb the bad things I eat, but also reinforce the need to eat well). You know, I just feel like I need to remind myself that even though I've eaten something bad already, that I can still eat well afterwards (I can't tell you how many times one little candy bar has sent me into a tailspin)
3) Workout at least 3 times a week, and on rest days get out and still do something active (and working does not count). I am referring to gardening, hiking, biking, etc. You know, fun, outdoorsy type of stuff. I want to make sure that I'm living, and not just getting through every day anymore.
4) I am going to start posting my ^^ fun things from above and my dietary stuff once a  week. Whether it's a recipe or some great thing that I've found. I'm dedicating one day a week (probably Tuesday) to a healthy lifestyle post. :)

I think I may have covered all my bases here... What do you think??

Have you ever been a yo-yo lifestyle type of person? What has worked for you and what hasn't?


{Kecia} CoutureZoo said...

I can very much relate to you! I'm in the exact same spot with my goals. I look forward to these posts as I think they'll motivate me knowing I've got a friend out there doing the same thing as me right now!


Jane Droll said...

i need to try this tea! i love iced tea and i drink it by the bucket (slight exaggeration).

i have been on a zillion diets. i LOVE food! way too much! lately i am trying to just eat more veggies and work out more consistently. usually i am better at one thing than the other -- i eat healthy and then don't exercise; or i exercise and eat like a cow. one needs to have discipline in both areas! with some treats too.

Jane Droll said...

p.s. ordering that tea!