Surprisingly Chic: Crocs

Look who's stepping it up, folks. For the life of me, I've always abhorred Crocs and Uggs. Yes, abhorred. I know, I'm pulling out the big words in this post. Uggs haven't changed too much in my opinion. They are slippers and should not be worn outside the house. Crocs, though, Crocs are steppin' it up! Since one of my favorite bloggers, Love Maegan became affiliated with them, I've become convinced that I might, maybe, one day be willing to wear them. Don't believe me, form your own opinion on these beauties.

Adrina Strappy Sandal

Hover Sneaker

Hover Slip On

Super Molded Flat

Sexi Flip 

Sexi Sandal

Ok, alright. Alright ok. You get it? Crocs be rockin'. And it surprised the crap out of me.
If you want to see more, visit the Crocs site. (Although, there are still the ugly classic Crocs available. You won't ever catch me in those ones.) I think I've turned over a new leaf. Crocs, be still my soul.


Jane Droll said...

DUDE! i had the same thoughts! maegan converted me, too. i have one pair -- the sexy flip in black. i have yet to wear them, but this weekend is supposed to be NINETY FREAKING DEGREES, so i will be wearing them to and from the boyfriend's pool. can't wait!

p.s. i want some of these other pairs you have featured! so cute!!!! i just worry about the plastic/sweaty/stinky feet factor.