Shopping the Goodwill... Online.

That's right, folks, you can shop the Goodwill online. For those of you who say your Goodwill doesn't have anything good... well, now it can. Here are some lovely, wonderful, AMAZING things that I've found while browsing through

Chanel Heels

Frye Sandals

Christian Loubotin Heels

Prada Wedges

Pucci Flats

Alexander Wang Purse

Moschino Cheap & Chic Jacket

Louis Vuitton Luggage
Juicy Couture Purse

Hermes Bracelet

Mind you, these are indeed auction type settings, but if you do a little searching you can find some major scores! Some of these (ok, all of them) made me do a little happy dance and wish that I had a couple hundred dollars to be spending right now....


Inspire Me Heather said...

Whaaaa? I never knew you could shop online at Goodwill - good for them though, I'm sure they'll do good at it with items such as those!!

Darrylon Evans said...

I did not know you could shop goodwill online! Thanks for this tip!