Dear Ellen, I'm Moving In

Have you seen the latest Elle Decor? The one with this gorgeous couple on the front?

Um, HELLOW?! First off, I have always adored Ellen, and now, I'm even a fan of Portia. Her style is killer. However, what I absolutely love the most is their California ranch. ElleDecor was lucky enough to get an exclusive on the 8 cabin property just outside of Santa Monica that these ladies own. Yep, you read that right 8 cabins. Not to mention the numerous outer buildings that have me salivating.

This one makes my jaw drop. OMG. How gorgeous are those trees?!?

I want some big ass trees in my yard. ASAP.

Oh yeah, that's just an egg chair in the barn. No biggie.

Oh, why not have antique furniture right next to a horse? Amiright?
PS that horse is gorgeous. Stunning.

That's it. Ellen, I'm moving it. I'll live in the barn(s).
All photos via ElleDecor


Erin | Holtwood Hipster said...

The set up under that oak tree... good lawd.
I'm pretty sure Portia's just the cutest thing ever by the way. Note to self for next fall's daily uniform.

Mich Trenholm said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures. Portia is simply gorgeous! And the ranch house...amazing !

Jane Droll said...

um, how about they move out and we move in. i'll take summer and fall, and you can have spring and winter. deal? DEAL!!!!!!!!!!