Bring Out Your Dead: Experiences of this Week

You guys. Seriously, this week has been nutso. NUTSO. I've been a raging storm of hormones and craziness and haven't even had a moment to sit down here and spill my guts to you. Ok, I take it back. I attempted to one day, in the midst of my shit-fest, but it ended up just sounding like a whiney nobody-likes-me-i'm-feeling-fat-and-miserable-and-just-want-a-freaking-nap kind of post, so I decided not to share it with you. So, before I get much deeper into that end of the puddle, I'm going to show you a few things I've been working on....

This, for one... My portfolio. So far, it's just a front cover and the table of contents, but I am indeed loving the aesthetics much better so far.

More to come on that front later. Up next is some glory-ness from the world of my internship...
We finished up one house, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright that had an awesome living space when you first walk in.
Clearstory windows are amazing.

With a pretty sweet back yard.  It'll look even better in a few years when everything is all grown in.

Again. Clearstory windows are the bestest thing ever.

And the yard is freakin' sweeeet.

Oh, and here's a view of the outside. 

And a girly bathroom. I love the tile on the floor... it's killer.

And took measurements to start a reno of this cute little farmhouse....

With some amazing barns. I would live in those things! Beyond jealous of this setup.

Enjoyed a little bit of Fiesta Friday inbetween jobs...

And visited the job site on another house that is about 3 weeks from completion!

Above is a laundry room, people. LAUNDRY! And then below is the balcony off the master suite! In freaking love.

Master bathroom progress... it looks so pretty in person. The floor details are to die for.

And the kitchen. Custom cabinetry and an open layout has transformed this one! 

And finally some gorgeous millwork on the ceiling of the dining room. I dieeeeeeee.

Seriously, I'm one lucky girl. Everybody say it with me. Dammmn, girl, you've got it made! Ok ok. Thank you. Enjoy your Friday!!!