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I am taking an additional graphics class this term, in addition to my full graduate level load. It's been fun. It's been great. I'm really loving it and part of me loves that I finally get to learn all the technical terms of things I already know how to do. I've already learned a lot more, and I'm experimenting more all the time. For this class, though, I'm going to start building my brand. Yep. My brand. I've mentioned this before, but now that I finally feel that I have a grasp on my 'style', it's time to make the next jump. So, you might see some changes around the blog... you might even see changes in some of my posts. You'll see more of my work and more of my style come out (I hope) through my projects and my inspiration posts here. And what has started it all? These inspiration images taken from my pinterest boards. 
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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

I've been referring to my style as masculine chic, as it has a lot of comfortable, rustic, mechanical feel to it with the woodgrain, leather, and high contrast bits... but I want to balance all of that out with some feminine details and lovely things.  I've always been a bit of a tomboy, but have loved to dress up on occasion (and c'mon. I love shoes) so I feel that this is a great compromise that really emphasizes who I am and what kind of designer I want to be. Bold and daring, yet still relatable to people. Comfortable, yet stylish. Thoroughly thought out and exciting. Vintage and thrifty, yet cool and edgy. Ok, there are a lot of conflicts in those relationships, but I'm aiming to make them all work. 


I especially love these graphics and illustration with the balance of the cursive feminine font with the bold masculine font. The snake, with the queen bee. Is this all making sense? Or is it just bubbles that will eventually pop? Hmmmmm. So much to think about! What do you think??


Kecia@CoutureZoo said...

I totally get it and love it because this is pretty much my same style too! I'm excited to see your branding endeavors!


Jane Droll said...

love the combo! and glad you are coming in to your own, and honing your own style. we morph with time and experience, and that is a good thing. :)

Kelly Hopter said...

Just came across your blog through bijouandboheme and loving what you're doing here!

i love how you've encapsulated your style and may borrow your "masculine chic"! I too am drawn to strong elements, high contrast, powerful typography, industrial bits but all with a nice dose of feminine glam. I think it the tension they create that make it so interesting.

I'm looking forward to visiting often!