Designer Favorites: Givenchy

I've been a big fan of Givenchy for the last few years, especially vintage Givenchy. I've found some great pieces while thrift shopping and antiquing, but these modern designs have my blood a pumpin' something fierce.

My renewed love affair started out when I saw this gorgeous dress that Florence (from Florence and the Machines) wore to the Grammys this year. I was amazed. Shocked. Stunned. How gorgeous is that dress on her?! I especially loved the monotone studs. 

So I did some digging and found more pictures of things to adore from Givenchy.
I even started a Pinterest board for them.

The play on masculine chic is my absolute favorite. Mad dog prints to modern patterns to biker jackets and dark colors... it's my whole she-bang. I love it. 

All pictures were taken from my Pinterest Board (some links were bad, so I don't have all the original sources, I apologize!)


Jane Droll said...

amazing stuff!!! the studded sandals and the nail polish are my favorites!