Thrifting Recap, Part 2

I've been doing a little bit of shopping lately. Mostly for fun, mostly because I need to feed this thing I call an addiction. So, here we are, back to me showing you all the amazing things that sometimes I can't buy and other times I do. I won't tell you which ones are which, but hey. I'll let you guess. 

This little guy was $3. Adorable. I loved his eyes and the detail in his little features.

These mini ginger jars were $4 for both of them. 

This campaign chest was only $4. I bought it. I know, I told you I wasn't going to tell you which was which, but this one I will admit to.

This burl dresser was $150.

This tri-pod was $2.

These tufted dining room chairs were $10 a piece.

These shell chairs were $3 a piece.

This lovely tufted chair was $7.

This wicker campaign dresser was $90. (I didn't even know that they made campaign wicker?!)

This larger campaign dresser was, unfortunately, already sold. Don't know the price.

Vintage Balmain bag was $10.

Michael Kors purse was $8. 

This Burberrys Jacket (I'm pretty sure it's authentic) was under $2 at a Goodwill Outlet. I was seriously surprised and super happy to find it.

These vintage CHANEL flats were $20. I used a 20% off one item coupon (you get them when you donate at most thrift stores) and got them for just $16.

I'm not sure how old they are, so if you know, you should tell me. 

These Frye heels were $12

Jimmy Choo gladiator sandals were $90

Stackable Tiger Wood boxes were $5 for both (ok, I got these too. I repurposed them into something else that I'll show you in a couple days!)

This baby was $40, I think... I don't remember right now. There's so many good things in my head!

This Babe the Blue Ox piggy bank was $10. I really wanted to buy it. But my budget said no. :(

Oh, and the piece-de-resistance! A Hermes wallet for $150. The lady who showed it to me asked me if it was a good brand or something. I should have told her no and that it was overpriced and if she'd give me a deal on it, right?! Man, I didn't play that card right....

So many fun finds lately... I wish I had the unlimited budget! It would be so rewarding!

I've been messing around with the idea of starting a personal thrift shopping section on my Etsy store. What do you think? Would you pay me to go thrift shopping for you?!


Daliene said...

OMG your Goodwill is very different than mine! lol :) Great finds :)

Jane Droll said...

major scores!!! unbelievable prices on the big brands. that is the only way to buy most of those name brands!

semchenry said...

i most certainly would! I'd die for some of those items! :)