Adventures through the Gardens of Piet Oudolf

Some of you may remember, some of you may not, but I am currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture. I am passionate (borderline obsessed... okay, more than borderline) with the things we are able to accomplish in the landscape with plants. One of my absolute favorite designers does some crazy amazing, new things with plants that just astound me. Every time I look at his designs, my jaw hits the floor (ok, not hard to get me to do that, but still). He has his own way of designing that creates more 'natural' wave gardens and blends beautiful plants into paintings on the landscape. His name is Piet Oudolf. He's a Dutch garden designer and horticulturalist and has designed gardens all over the world. Here are some glimpses at his work.
 (prepare for an overload. Seriously. It's gonna be a long one. ;) 

All photos were taken from his Website, which you totally need to go visit, because these aren't even half the projects that he's completed....

Here's a construction phase of this last picture... just to give you an idea of how they are planted.

Pretty amazing. I have been dreaming of a beautiful yard like these, since I was in high school. If I ever get to work with Piet (and that's seriously in my dreams. big, huge, scary, exciting dreams) I will seriously die. Ok, maybe not die, because I would still have to work with him. 


Jane Droll said...

omg! i love what he does!!!

p.s. this puts my potted plants to shame. lol

Erin | Holtwood Hipster said...

Love the aerial shots- the shapes and symmetry from above. The tall, fluffy, colorful borders are just insanely good, so much variety and texture and I love the fencing around the basketball court. We are trying to work in something similar as a barrier between vegetable garden and rest of yard. Thanks for sharing this one.