A Sentimental Blogging Post

For my birthday week, I wanted to celebrate with you guys. Big time. And I've only just begun that... but before I can really get down to the nitty gritty fun stuff, I found that I needed to get a few things off my chest. 
Lately, I've known a ton of people who have stopped blogging/closed their blogs/have felt discouraged about posting or not building a great big following right away. It's discouraged me and made me sad to see so many talented writers/designers/people give up because they have faced some harsh critics, fallen out of love with blogging, or just never got what they wanted out of their blog. There have been times when I've thought about doing the same thing. There have been times when I've taken 'breaks' from blogging and from thinking about design. I've been heartbroken, I've failed at being a Grad Student (once!), and I've fallen on my cutesy little face a few more than a dozen times. When I read this little article from Gala Darling the other day, it hit me. It was titled "Blog on, Babe: Go Your Own Way" about having your own voice when blogging. Being unique... Being YOU. 
It made me think even harder (watch out, me thinking is like a grenade exploding!) about why I started Living on the Chic. I'll admit... I had my aspirations of becoming a famous blogger and having tons of people follow me... but, as it turns out, it didn't work that way. 


It turns out... that my blog, and myself, have undergone tons of changes... that I've evolved from a young collegiate who was still figuring out her style (and her own life), to a successful Graduate student that has found her niche with graphics, interior design, and landscape architecture. This little blog has become an outlet, not a money maker and not an attention garnisher. It's a place where I can create my own musings and share my thoughts and inspirations... and no one can ever take that away from me. As much as I love my readers and bloggy friends (I really do LOVE and adore every single one of you) I find that every day I post something, it's not for anyone else but myself. I'm finding my own way and my own creativity to explore more and more.


So, my little birthday (and usually sweetly sincere) present to you all is that. My open heart and bloggy soul out there on my soapbox. Don't ever let anyone influence you to stop doing something, but also make sure that you enjoy it! 



Erin | Holtwood Hipster said...

What a great post by Gala Darling. I got a lot out of that one as well. Keep on doing what you are doing- bottom line. I read your blog because it's unique among the masses, stylish, witty and most of all real.

Kecia@CoutureZoo said...

Keep it real my fabby bloggy friend! That first quote is why I stopped blogging. I just wasn't feeling it anymore. I never want to half ass something. Right now, I don't miss the blog one bit. If I do, I'll come back at it and I'll evolve but keep it "me" with my zoo posts and such. I hope you are having a fabulouso birthday!


Jane Droll said...

very glad to hear that you keep blogging because you like to, and because it pleases YOU. it is impossible to please all, and it is important to do something that you care about.

i wish my blog made more money. but whatever. sometimes i am discouraged, but i always end up returning to it as it is fun for me. maybe that sounds selfish, but who cares. :)