The Ones that Got Away... A Thrifting Recap

Thrifting is great, especially when you don't have money. However, thrifting is also very very bad, especially when you don't have money. I can't tell you how many times I've ran into the motherload and not been able to afford it, and that happens more times than not with furniture. Most of the time it's Murphy's law, if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. I head out the door early Sunday morning (the best time to go thrifting, I swear!) and head over to the nearest thrift store, where I start my usual rounds. The map of all my local stores is already embossed in my mind, even though I've only lived in Eugene for 6 months. I've had my brag of a good find, but when I find the find, only I can't take it home with me or can't afford to... well, it really sucks. 

Here are some of the finds of a century (okay, 6 months) that I had to pass up on.

This campaign desk was only $10 when I found it a couple weeks ago. I went back to that store this weekend and it was still there! I need a truck.

This little baby was sadly marked "Not for Sale". I went back again this last week, and it was up on a display, sticking it's glorious little backside out at me.

These two recliners were amazing. They were a bit rough, but I actually really loved the worn in look to them. They were $100 a piece. Out of my price range.

This basket-weave mosaic tile was marked down to $14 for 7 sq. feet. Sadly, I had nowhere to put it. I wish I had a damn house to rehab.

These little guys had me in the mood for a DIY Johnathan Adler party. Remember this post? Yep. That's what I was thinking. One of these babies would look amazing in a glossy coat of white or metallic paint. Sadly, no time or budget for a project like that right now.

These awesome wicker plant stands were screaming my name. $10 a piece, and they still came to be more than my budget (it's really running thin lately.)

These two burl tables had me (and LoveMaegan and Couture Zoo on Instagram) all tied up. The larger one (the bottom picture) was $150 and the coffee table was $75. I could pinch pennies every which way I could, but still, at least for now, I couldn't afford either one of them.

There were two of these waterfall chairs at another store. They were unmarked, but I'm sure I could have scored them for around $10 a piece. Sadly, once again out of my budget and out of space in my apartment for them. 

And this little one. This is the one that breaks my heart the most. It was priced at $40. I cried a little, as I had just bought two chairs for $10 a piece and the total was completely out of my budget. It still haunts me. I wanted it so so badly. Alas, maybe one day...

To get me by on missing out on the big stuff, here are some good things that I've found recently...

These awesome little tumblrs for $2 a piece (there were three of them)

This little guy was $.50, and is currently at home getting a makeover. (I'm thinking either gold or silver paint)

This vintage champagne bucket was only $1.50, so he, of course, jumped into my basket.

These old Casino chairs were $10 a piece and are awaiting some furry new upholstery coming in a few months (when I can breathe financially)

and I'm still having nightmares caused by my budget restriction of this little guy: 

So so so sad. 

Have you ever missed out on a spectacular deal?
One that just makes you want to lay down and cry?


Lisa T said...

In many ways I've lucked out, my mother in law has many awesome pieces of furniture that she just gives away. I recently scored a similar desk for my office. Just needed a little TLC.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Wow, where do you live? Your thrift stores have waaaaay better stuff than down here. It's all so good, hopefully it's still in abundance when you're ready to spend!

Teressa said...

You just need a rope so you can tie things to the top of your car and put in your truck and tie it down. Can't wait to go thift shopping with you.

Kecia@CoutureZoo said...

Fine, fine, just continue to torture me over that desk. I can't believe it was still there a week later! Makes me sad...I hope someone who actually knows what it is and can appreciate it will get their hands on it. And the waterfall chairs, equally tortuous. And that gold swirly're killing me slowly.


Erin | Holtwood Hipster said...

Just catching up to this post. Holy hell. What amazing thrift store have you found? We have slim pickings around these parts, but your finds are the stuff of my picker dreams. Good on you for snagging those chairs!