Last Minute Cheap (or Free!) Valentine Gifts

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! Normally, I'm not such a big fan of this day. I've been single for a long long time (we won't put a number on it), so I don't have a Valentine to do something special for. This year, though, I've outdone myself. I've got 8 of them! 
Nephews and Nieces, that is. I packaged some goodies up and sent them off in the mail last week. So I've got myself covered. Today, is just another normal day for me, though. I might go home at the end of my day and make a little something something special for myself... but that would probably be the extent. To all of you who do have a special Valentine, what did you get? What did you give?? 
Or did you wait until the last minute to get your Valentine a gift? Don't worry, I've got your back. Here are some cheap (or free!) last minute Valentine ideas.
Clockwise from the Top: DIY Bath Bombs,  Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies,  Love Notes Heart Shaped PuzzleHeart Shaped Seed BombsNutella Heart Shaped Pop TartsCupid's Arrows

Enjoy your Valentines Day, and for heaven's sake, lay a big ol' smakaroo on someone, whether it's your honey, family, or some random stranger on the street (okay, maybe you should be a little more selective on that last one), just for the heck of it! <3 


Jane Droll said...

8 valentines! that is NOT TOO SHABBY!!! nieces and nephews are the best. :)

i hope you DO do something special for yourself today. you better!