Interior Inspiration: Judy Aldridge's Dallas Home

This, my little nuggets, is one of my favorite spaces ever: the Dallas home of Judy Aldridge. I love seeing the mix of high and low, silver and gold, pattern and texture... and well, I just love every little detail of it. 
Judy Aldridge is a former model turned fashion designer... which I think speaks for itself, after seeing her space. She's like an intermediate version of Kelly Wearstler... Which I love. Don't tell my idol KW, but Judy, to me, has a little more of a collected/personal feel to her spaces here. But you don't need my opinion on this front, check it out yourself! 

There's a bit more of a traditional feel behind it that I really love. Sometimes you get tired of the ultra-modern/ can't get messy spaces... and believe me, I'm kinda over that phase. It's nice to see a medium transition between modern eclectic and traditional color fest (yes, those are definitely two design styles. JK, I just made them up). It just feels right! 

I hope you're having a marvelous day! 


Jane Droll said...

this one is too much for me. although i LOVE the black and white curtains! it reminds me of martin lawrence bullard. do you watch him/that show million dollar decorators? it is kind of a hoot. sometimes i like what they do; sometimes not. they are all such egomaniacs, but i guess that is partially why they are so successful and on tv!

Kecia@CoutureZoo said...

I LOVE her style. One of my faves. The hubs thinks it's too much, but I think it's just right!