Interior Design Internship Dream Office Moodboards

You may or may not remember this post about getting hired on as an intern...
You also may or not remember that I get to design my own office (budget $250ish).

Today, I'm reminding you of both. I've been dreaming of what I'd do in that space, and now that I have the ok of the boss man, I'm taking action! I'm going to be sharing the space with a newly hired interior designer (thus the long wait on the design action), so I added a few extras to the board.

I give you.... The office of my dreams. Mind you, it might be missing a few things and that quite a few of these things are out of my budget, but I am sure that this is going to be the aesthetic that I go for. 

Table Leather Chairs Rug Fiddleleaf Fig IKEA Closets Black Rooster Pendant Steve McQueen Photo Workbenches Baies Candle  Paper Can Vase Table Lamp 

I would love a big table to spread my work out on (I'm definitely a spreader by nature) with lots of storage. A drafting table would be AMAZING, along with some great lighting and a place to store drawings. Since this one is a little out of my price range (ok, like alot. I couldn't even afford one of those amazing italian leather chairs), I made an alternative plan, with (semi) more affordable options from Target, Ikea, and Etsy.

Table Chairs Rug Ikea Cabinets Ficus Tree Light Fixtures Ansel Adams Print Paper Can Vase Baies Candle Bookends Table Lamp

I really love the Too by Blue Dot line that Target has... There are some really great designs going on there for great prices! Those turquoise bookends are the statement maker in this one. Love them.  In this one, I've opted for desks against the wall, in lieu of the drafting tables, to provide for more space for my office-mates, along with a large table for me to spread out on. I replaced the tall Ikea cabinets with some floating ones with a dark counter on top (seen on Directions not Included) with a mood board hung over it. 

Now, the waiting game... Which inspiration will win out? 


Jane Droll said...

oooh, you have some great ideas here!

i love the big table/drafting table idea.

and i love the rugs.

and the lamps!