Inspired Designer: Danelle Cheney

Ok, so you may not recognize the name right away, but let me tell you... this girl is pretty amazing. Danelle and I go way back. Like way back to High School. Yearbook staff, to be exact. Once we both graduated, she went one way and I went the other, quite literally. She attended Southern Utah University, and I attended Utah State University both at completely different ends of the state. We lost track of each other over time, but here and there, we always seem to get back to each other. Now, she's doing big things in Cincinnati at the Cincinnati Art Museum. She recently went back to SUU and gave a lecture entitled "The Eight Best Pieces of Advice that I've Ever Been Given (That are True)" I was somewhat jealous, because I would love to have attended it. But, you know me, if I can't get what I want, I find a way of getting something similar without all the hassle. In other words, I stalked her website. I know, I'm sneaky. You'll thank me for my good detective work, though, because I've got the goods now. Here's some of her previous work:

I love the graphic simplicity. Just like... POW! Especially using ice cubes as a medium. Smart woman.
One of my favorite series that she completed is her posters for sex education lectures at SUU.

She also does wallpapers. For your computer. Sneak over to her site and take your pick. I love these two.

And to loop back around to the original thought of this post... Here are the eight pieces of advice that she presented.

Good lessons, no? I still wish I could have been there for that damn lecture.

All photos belong to Danelle Cheney. If you use them, please give her credit.


drollgirl said...

well she is smart. and talented. and she gives good advice!