How to Start a Pineapple House Plant

Hey there everybody! Today, I'm excited. I've got something special to share with you... My love of plants! I'm going to start sharing my everyday love of plants in as many ways as I can. Gardening, house plants, bringing the outdoors in, etc. etc. My quest, though, is to do it all on a budget... of close to nothing! Initially, in my head, I was calling these 'stolen' gardens. My thought being that you could start many plantings from cuttings, splits, or seeds (I'll be focusing on all these different things too!) that you could get for free from friends, neighbors, off the street. But then, I realized that it wasn't just gardening that I was thinking about... it was the lifestyle too. The thrill of the hunt, the love of the game type of thing, which led to a combined series of posts that I like to call Thrifted: Gardens and Lifestyle

Today, I'm featuring one of my favorite DIY house plants. They're fun, easy to do and take care of, and best yet free! Where you would normally just throw this away as 'trash', I've found that you can create a great houseplant for years to come.

That's right, a pineapple plant. I found out a couple of years ago, that you can start a pineapple plant (yes, it's a plant, not a tree! Mind, BLOWN) simply by cutting the top "plant" part off of the pineapple and starting it in water. Here's how to do it in 4 simple steps.

Step one is easy: go buy a pineapple. The more yellow the body part of it, the better. It'll be more ripe and better to eat!

Step 2: Cut off the top "plant" part of the fruit. Keep the bottom part and slice it up to eat. Clean off the excess junk from around the bottom of the plant. It'll look like this:

Step 3: Trim it, if needed. I like to trim off all the burned plant fleshy bits, just to help it get healthy. Find a pot (or a tall cup) that DOES NOT have a whole in the bottom to start your plant in.

Step 4: Place your cutting in your vase and fill it with water until it covers the base of the cutting. This should be 2-3 inches.

Over time, the leaves will grow and branch out and then it'll start to look like this.

I started the larger plant here, almost a year ago, and that baby is still going strong! Try it and enjoy some delicious pineapple. No loss, and some spectacular gain.

Let me know if you try it!


Jane Droll said...

very cute idea! i loves me some pineapple, so i will have to do this next time i get one!!!