Big News! Custom Resume Design is Now Available!

After creating my Great Graphic Resume Tips post, I've had quite a bit of feedback, both good and bad and some mixed. In fact, it's been really great to hear from all different realms of the design world and outside of the design world of what they think of my tips. Now, it's time for me to give to you something that I've been itching to do for a while. I've created an Etsy shop. 

In the shop, I hope to one day provide e-design, artwork, graphic design, etc. but for right now I'm limiting it to Custom Resume Design. For $30, I will take your current resume and/or list of personal data sheet of achievements and job history and create a personalized version of it that graphically represents your aspirations! If you're not satisified with the original product, I will edit it once to your liking. For additional edits, additional charges will be added.

I really hope you'll stop by and visit my shop! Let me know what you think and what more you'd like to see from me. 


aliya seen said...

The resume title page is very helpful and awesome for the students and writers. Very nice post.