Wild Chairy: Chair Rejuvenations

During the course of my weekend adventures, I came across this marvelous little chair rejuvenation and upholstery business called Wild Chairy. Artist and owner Andrea Mihalik has created a business out of salvaging vintage and antique chairs and giving them new life. Andrea hand-crafts each piece using high-quality sustainable materials like horse hair, Italian twine, organic cotton, and hand tied springs. Often time, the chairs that come to her are picked up off the street, found by friends and family, or picked up at estate auctions. I totally fell in love with her work, and I'm sure that you will too!

And here are some of the amazing before and after transformations. It's like a face-lift... furniture style!

Amazing, right? I die. I want to be able to do something that amazing one day.

All photos via Wild Chairy


Tori Bodin said...

I love the chair with mixed red patterns! The chevron is great on top but it really sweetens it up with the other designs :)

I'd love to do a chair DIY for my office. It would really be a great finishing touch :)