Having a Designer Wardrobe on a Budget, Round 2

It's time for vintage shopping on Etsy, round two! 

This was one of my favorite posts and I got some really great feedback from it... so I decided to go for a a total KO in round two. That's Knock Out for those of you who never played mortal combat. I was a total beast on a PlayStation 1, and now, well, that beast mode has gone Etsy style. 
Ferragamo Flats

Pucci Wallet

Chanel Mules

Givenchy Earrings

Diane von Furstenburg Blouse

Dries Van Noten Top

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Moschino Flats

Maison Martin Margiela Shirt

Missoni Jacket

Dries Van Noten Shoes

Chloe Sandals

Dior Cardigan

Givenchy Earrings

YSL Flats

I know some of them might still seem pretty expensive (I really debated about putting up an $80 MMM shirt up, but then I realized that his collection for H&M was super on trend right now.) and they would definitely be out of my budget (really, my bank account is at 00000000000. Suck.) but they're still quite affordable, when compared to their modern-day counter parts. 


drollgirl said...

love love LOVE!

you are very good at this!!!

Lia {Smart n Snazzy} said...

Love all these finds! I'd rather have vintage than something everyone else is wearing :)

Kecia@CoutureZoo said...

Excellente! I'm addicted to eBay and Etsy for the same reasons!