Big News! And Office Inspiration

I started my internship with DC Fine Homes yesterday. I am so so unbelievably excited to get this opportunity. You might have seen this little snippet on Instagram yesterday...

Ridiculous, no? This is just one of the projects that the firm is working on and one of many that I'll get to see to completion. On top of all these amazing things happening, I get to design my new office space, with a budget of $250. If you could only see my face right now. It would probably look like this:

Actually, it's probably more like this:

You know me, though, I was on top of that ish! I went around to a few different store (TJ Maxx, thrift stores, etc) to figure out what I would like my little space to be like. And then, there was pinterest... I ended up starting a new board, just for my office inspiration. You will find many images, such as the ones that follow, on this board of amazing-ness. (All of the following pictures can be found through my Pinterest board: Offices)

This last one is TOTALLY my favorite. Super big artwork on the wall. Rustic Industrial feel and it's simple! Just my style. Next up, a mood board.


drollgirl said...

RIGHT ON! this will be so fab and so fun and IT WILL BE YOUR WORK SPACE! and they are giving you some dinero to make it so! WIN/WIN. sounds like the beginning of a helluva internship!!