Sunglasses. They're not just to shield your eyes anymore.

According to my mom, she and I have sunglass style, if nothing else. When it comes down to picking great sunglasses, I'm a pro (no, seriously, I'm that good). In fact, I have my very own collection of sunglasses (borderline sunglass hoarder, if you ask my family), many of which are vintage passed down from my momma. To me, sunglasses are one of the easiest ways to add a bit of personality to any outfit and hey, even if you're not a size zero (which I am not), you can pull off any style easily, or, if you're having a bad makeup day, cover that shit up and head out of the house anyways. Key to my success in public: sunglasses.
When I received an email to do a sponsored post about sunglasses, I was super happy. I mean, if there were any way in life for me to become a super famous sunglass stylist, I'd jump on that train in a second... Since that train hasn't come in yet, I'm just going to have to grace you with my ability here. No matter the girl, no matter the style, here are my inspirational sunglass-wearing people and some of my favorites from

For the Classic Girl 

Maui Jim Aloha Friday

For the Glamour-Puss

Chloe CL 2222

For the Tom-Boy

Ray Ban Aviator RB 3025

For the Here-I-Am Girl

Vera Wang Cosma

You know that I'm good, right? Proof. Right here. I was meant to be a star of the sunglass world.

Pictures of gorgeous people wearing sunglasses taken from this Pinterest board and collaged by yours truly.

And thank you to for sponsoring this post and allowing me to live out my dream. 


drollgirl said...

sunglasses are THE BEST! they add pizzazz to any look, that is for sure!

Logicspice said...

Designer Sunglasses always make a change in your look and mind. For me Sunglasses give me some confidence also, so I love to wear branded sunglasses.