My Life in Instagram

It's time for round two! So far, there have been many many adventures since the term ended... many of which I have been so so blessed to have. 

First, we started with a celebratory drink and a thrift store day. I managed to find some Tory Burch flats  in my size for $4 (they normally retail for $235). Not a bad day.

You can see I was super studious. Obviously I had been a little worse for wear there at the end. No sleep and was practically living on campus. But then! Ahhhhhh!! The mountains! I got back to Utah and was whisked away to more adventures.


For the weekend, I was off to Boise for a football game with my BFFFFFFF! I'm proud of my Aggies, who won the Potato Bowl! I was even got interviewed for the ABC 4 News that night following the win... My response to everything? "OH YEAHHHH!!! WOOOHHHH!!!" (You can see proof of it here)


If you ever get a chance to visit Boise, you should! It's an amazing little city. I totally enjoyed my stay. Then, it was back to Utah... With gorgeous sunsets (and SNOW), slumber parties with my neices, seeing my babies, lots of smiles, and a little bit of fun... Ok ok, a LOT a bit of fun.


Aren't they just so so cute!! And that last one (she's only a month old) has a scowl that could beat the cream off of milk! (I mean, look at that side by side of her normal face and then the scowl!) She just has the most adorable scowl I've ever seen.