Obesessed with Down Vests

I just love fall, don't you? The ability to wear whatever the hell you want, and not worry about it because, hey! it's freaking cold! My favorite as of late has been the down vest. Well, the fluffy vest for me. I haven't been able to score one while thrifting yet, so until I do, my fluffy one has been used as a stand in. So, one day, when I do make that magical find, I know exactly all the different ways I would wear it (I still do these now, even with my fluffy vest. It works people, it works!)

So, here are your instructions (from Complex's article on 10 ways to Rock a Down Vest) on how to layer and style down vests. Well, any vests, really. Kinda.

Wear it over a flannel. You know, for those days when you want to feel like a total badass. Flannel always makes me feel bad ass.

Or under a sweatshirt. It's my favorite way to avoid that 'fresh out of a gym' look.

Or, better yet, a more sophisticated look with a button up and a sweater. Giirrrlll. Lookin' sharp!

Or just go back to the flannel and add a jean jacket just for insurance.

Or, again, more sophisticated, layer a blazer underneath.

Or go for the manly man/ tom boy approach (you know I had to bring it up) and layer in some camo.  Watch that bitch disappear. 

Or just layer it under a jacket. Hide that gorgeous thing away. 

Or, again, go sophisticated and layer it under a blazer (I've seen pictures of this one on guys and YOWZA! it looks hot!) 


And if you don't believe me on how magical they are, just take a look for yourself....



The boys at GQ love it.


And J. Crew just can't get enough.


So, if you don't own one, go get one now. Seriously. 


Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

Ok Trissta, you have me feeling like I NEED one now!!! I love all the ways you showed to wear it!

drollgirl said...

ok! you have convinced me that i NEED ONE!!! lol!

too bad it is 84 degrees here today! yesterday was 94! i have no idea when fall will really arrive! hopefully sooner rather than later!

Lisa T said...

I guess I'll be breaking out the down vests this year. Thanks for showing all the ways to wear one.