by Molly Jacques Illustration for the Down to Business series
I found this great motivational quote from Judy Garland on Inspired to Share early this morning (thank you daylights savings time) and with everything that has been going on in my life (moving, being homesick, overwhelmed with grad school, making new friends, etc) this really perked me up (yes, even at 7 am.) 

It's that reminder... that no matter how sucky you are at something, or miserable something makes you feel, don't fall into comfort and the monotony of not being your best self! Life can be a bitch (we all know it, and as my mom likes to say "Life's a bitch, and then it has puppies") but the only thing that can get you down, is yourself.

So push harder. Be that first rate person. Don't give up. Shake the laziness and the depression, because YOU ARE WORTH IT!


drollgirl said...

buck up, little camper! i know things are not easy for you right now! but it'll be ok!

my bf has a son that is really good at sports. he was top dog on the old baseball team, but just bumped up to a new baseball team with older kids. i asked his dad (my bf) if the son would rather be the big dog on a so-so team, or if he would be ok with being the kid that needs improvement on a great team. they are trying the latter approach and with the hope to work his way up. it isn't easy, but sometimes risk goes a long way versus stagnation.

ok, that was off topic. sorry!