Great Graphics: Branding the Presidents

I've been dreaming of learning more about the technical parts of Graphic Design lately, and finding this awesome project by Meg Jannott has sent me into a tisy. Her idea was to take something (or someone) and do quick design studies with it. She ended up with the idea of branding the Presidents of the United States. And that gave birth to the tumblr Branding the US Presidents. Catchy title, huh? 

Here are some of the ones that I absolutely loved.

Makes me want to do more and more graphic design. 
You can find more of them at Branding the US Presidents.


drollgirl said...

hmm. what an interesting concept!

i would love to be a graphic designer. i wish i would have thought of that (and got the training for it) 25 years ago. d'oh!!!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

LOVE these, I need to do some personal projects like this!